Tampa’s Kerri Cipriani discusses featuring in VH1’s ‘Dating Naked’

Tampa’s Kerri Cipriani discusses featuring in VH1’s ‘Dating Naked’

Fulfilling somebody in Tampa had been difficult for Kerri Cipriani. She’d attempted the bar scene, online meeting and dating buddies of buddies.

For a whim, the 25-year-old nursing recruiter auditioned for the dating TV show. She did not get cast on that demonstrate, however the manufacturers of she was called by another project straight right back.

It had been called Dating Naked, a show having a premise similar to it appears.

“They asked us to can be found in to get more auditions,” she stated.

Her tale captivated them. She possessed a boyfriend of 5 years who was simply being ribbed for having no game, Cipriani said, therefore she challenged him to obtain woman’s contact number. Within the end, she stated, her boyfriend cheated on the with this girl.

The kicker: She surely could inform manufacturers the whole tale when you look at the buff.

“After about a quarter-hour you do not also recognize the digital digital digital digital cameras are there any anymore,” Cipriani stated.

VH1’s Dating Naked: Playing for Keeps cast Cipriani and Chris Aldrich once the daters that are main whisked them down to NoaNoa Island into the Philippines for 10 days full of 20 blind times with nude strangers.

It had been the opportunity of an eternity for Cipriani, whom was raised in Ohio, and had never ever been offshore.

“Truthfully, i have constantly discovered myself just a little crazy and I also actually crave spontaneity,” stated Cipriani. “I was thinking that when any you can keep pace with me personally it might be the sort of individual who would make a move similar to this.

Cipriani and Aldrich could select during the end up to now each other or among the others they would met in their stay.

We will obtain the information on just exactly exactly how all of it turned down whenever Season 2 of Dating Naked premieres Wednesday on VH1. For the time being, Cipriani dished with all the days on how to avoid killer sunburns and just just exactly what being a short-term nudist is enjoy.

There must be some people who have been stressed to obtain nude prior to you. Exactly just How do you handle that?

You understand, oahu is the people that are nervous wound up liking more. Those individuals whom arrived on the scene and merely became popular their clothing like they certainly were prepared to put for a show, i believe they certainly were here more when it comes to activity value.

The thing that was it like basically dating three dudes at the same time for the entire journey?

I think the hardest thing is being as genuine as possible with every person for me. I truly desired to make certain I happened to be providing every person a genuine element of myself. It is a juggling work. It is not simple. I’m not sure during individual time if I did give each person time alone with me and a chance of getting to know me. The Bachelorette — I do not understand how she does it.

Did the guys ever touch upon just exactly how well-endowed one other dudes had been?

Oh, gosh. It had been uncomfortable. I shall state the people produced large amount of what they had been using the services of. Each of them made a problem exactly how they mightn’t talk they talked about it about it, but. There have been girls here with fake boobs with no one commented. But every guy that is single some form of remark (about one another’s genitalia). Each of them chatted about this the time that is whole.

Ended up being there ever anybody who turned up and you just desired run screaming before the date?

I do believe it is possible within my brain I’d some of these responses. But it is hard to prejudge some body nude. We have all this image they would like to produce. There have been some dudes whom ended up being candidates that are viable i might never ever spend mind to on a night out together in addition they would not focus on me personally in line with the method we had been dressed. We mightn’t see ourselves once we are.

You had been fundamentally nude all everyday for weeks day. just exactly just How did you not come away appearing like a leather shoe that is old?

Do you know what? A ton was worn by me of bronzer plus it shows. My epidermis had been literally radiant by the 3rd time. It absolutely was SPF 30. I happened to be more concerned about my sweat showing than obtaining a sunburn. During every break in taping, we had been literally using my epidermis care and hydrating. Chris, having said that, had some burns that are gnarlyon his back).

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